The Guild of Washington County

The Guild of Washington County has been supporting and serving women and children in Washington County since 1934.


Our 2022 Kaolin Festival T-Shirt Sales were a huge success, and that's a big thanks to you. With the proceeds of over $11,000, we are able to further our mission to support women and children in Washington County through so many projects. Thank you!

About the Guild


Thank you!  Your generous donation of much needed baby items enables us to continue to restore a culture of life in our community!

ABC Women's Clinic

So thankful for our community who gathers around when help is needed.

The Guild of Sandersville who made a donation so we could purchase elbow, wrist & knee pads for our 25 scholarship kiddos at Kids Bike League.

Mary Charles Howard, Kids Bike League

Many THANKS to The Guild of Washington County for your generous donation that went towards the purchase of a new SHINE costume! We are excited to see our mascot used at upcoming prevention education programs.

The Sunshine House Regional Advocacy Center

Even to this day the Guild has been an amazing support to the over 8,600 young men that we have served along with so many great community service projects and groups that help people in our community. Thank you again for your continued support of the young men that we serve!

Broken Shackle Ranch, Inc.